Despite major improvements to the technology of their product, our client’s market share had dipped to just single digits. The reason for this was simple – a newer (and what many thought was better) technology had already been embraced by customers of competing products.

Knowing this, we decided that the best way to ignite sales, was to first generate leads. To do that effectively, a campaign was created that put our client’s product against the competition’s in a head-to-head comparison. Using a nontraditional media format, we were able to fully explain – and more importantly, credibly prove – the advancements and benefits of our client’s technology. Within three months after the launch, the campaign generated 35,000 leads, with conversion rates in excess of 12% - creating a 10-month backlog in manufacturing. And in key markets, sales improved as much as 400%, generating incremental revenue in excess of $40 million. The program was repeated in the same quarter for two additional years, with both leads and sales increasing each successive year. Learn more

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